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Fragrance for the Home

What sets the tone of your home? A wonderful smell, of course!!! If you could only smell the wonderful aroma of all our products that can fragrance your home, you would love each one.

Tyler Candles
If you have never experienced Tyler Candles with their 30% soy candle wax, then please click on the Tyler Candles link below and read the fragrance descriptions. Tyler Candles will soon be your candle of choice, just give it a try. You will not regret it because Tyler Candle uses the finest quality waxes and opulent fragrance oils available to create the ultimate aroma experience. Each Tyler Candle is hand-poured, ensuring even burning and maximum fragrance saturation. All Tyler jars are guaranteed to fragrance a room in minutes! One hour of burn time is sufficient to provide lasting fragrance enjoyment.

Lakeshore Candle Company's Flower Pot Votives
When you purchase a Lakeshore Flower Pot Votive, you are getting a "Green" friendly candle! Every Lakeshore Flower Pot Votive is hand poured in America with American-grown soybeans.

"Our Fragrance lasts the life of our Candles!" ™

Candle care tips:
•When you burn your candle allow the wax to pool all the way to the outer edges of the container. This guarantees an even burn and maximum fragrance.
•Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" at all times, and never move or re-light until flame is out and wax is completely solid. Do not over trim the wick.
•Set the candle on protected, heat-resistant surfaces and keep wax free of wick trimmings, matches and other debris.
•Avoid drafts and vibrations and keep out of reach of children and pets.
•Never burn your candle on or near anything flammable, or for more than 4 hours at a time.
•Burn your candle within sight and extinguish it with care.
•Do not burn if wax level is below 1/4"
•Never use container lid to put out flame. Simply blow out and replace lid.


Lake Shore Flower Pot Votives

Tyler Candles

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